Sean Davis

Sean joined The Greenbelt Concert Band soon after he arrived in the DC area from “Sunny California”. Sean was a good musician. Sean was a very enthusiastic musician. He played Bass Trombone in The Band. Sean was an asset to The Band, both as a skilled musician and as a skilled manager.

As a skilled musician, we had many “friendly discussions” during rehearsals about what “piano” means. To most musicians, “piano” means “soft”. To Sean, that is, to “Trombone Player Sean”, it meant “powerful”. But we always achieved a successful compromise. Sean purchased a shiney new Bass Trombone last year. He was quite proud if it and he worked very hard at mastering such a difficult instrument. Sean actively supported our Brass Choir.

Sean was elected General Manager of The Greenbelt Concert Band in July of 2013. As a skilled manager, he enthusiastically promoted “The Band”. I remember many times going with Sean to Greenbelt City budget meetings where he would successfully go about explaining the needs and the strengths of The Greenbelt Concert Band. Sean’s enthusiasm was evident at every rehearsal of The Band. The Band takes a short “break” about midway through each rehearsal. After the break, Sean would march up to the podium and say, “Hello Band”. The musicians would give a “half-hearted” response, and Sean, like a Marine Drill Sargent, would bellow! “HELLOoo BAaaND!”. That got their attention. Then he would go about informing us of upcoming performances and other opportunities for performances.

We, the members of The Greenbelt Concert Band will surely miss Sean Davis, and we say to him, “Well done, Buddy!

Tom Cherrix/Conductor
The Greenbelt Concert Band

General Manager
The Greenbelt Concert Band